Saturday, September 17, 2011

I don't trust God for that

I don't trust God for some things.  Some big things.

I don't trust God for happiness. 
I don't trust God for a life free from tragedy.
I don't trust God for good health or enough money to pay the mortgage.
I don't trust God to preserve the lives of my children.
I don't trust God for a healthy, growing church.
I don't trust Him to protect me from debilitating depression, from loss of home or death of spouse, from doubt and confusion.  I don't trust Him to make the sun shine everyday and to give me neighbors who always smile and wave. 

So, you may ask, why do you trust Him?  What is He good for?

I do trust God with some things.  Some big things.

I trust God for joy.  
I trust God for peace beyond my understanding.
I trust God to love me with love greater than any other love I'll know. 
I trust God, whatever else this life may hold, that He holds me in His eternal loving grasp.
I trust God to forgive my sins, which are many, and to release me from death and condemnation.
I trust God to be as faithful in my future as He has shown Himself to be in my past.
I trust God for my future home and life, eternally celebrating His love. 

I look at these lists and I feel anxiety creeping.  I also feel amazing comfort and excitement to see how God is going to keep His promises to me. 

Do you trust Him?  Do you not?  What would be on your lists today?


  1. hm. This sounds familiar to me. I realized last summer how much I did not trust God, and the result was debilitating agoraphobia. The only way I found to trust God is to ask God for trust. It's one of those things that I just can't flip a switch on -- I need God to help me do it.

  2. I meant it more in the sense that I trust God for the things He's promised, and I realize that some things are not promised in this life.