Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Call me 
Call me.
With the noise
The baby crying
The argument over putting on his socks
The Bat Cave falling over
The fries are burning
“It’s too cold!”
You’re late getting out the door and you’re frazzled
Someone fell asleep on the couch just as it’s time to go
“Did you have an accident?”
Someone yelling
Where’s the milk?

I want to hear all of it 
I cannot do anything from here
I cannot put on socks or clean up the puddle or soothe the crying baby
I cannot even talk to you. I know you can't talk now.
But let me bear silent witness to the mess, to the glorious mess of this family, our family, our lives.
Allow me to bear witness to your struggle and your triumph. 
Call me.

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