Monday, September 2, 2013

small world.

The other day I was looking at a piece of cross stitch I completed almost 13 years ago now.  It is about 2 feet by 3 feet, a very small pattern, and every millimeter of it is covered with stitches.  The picture is the close up of two wolves that I had completed for Matt on the occasion of our wedding.

I wondered, who was the person who made that? Who took the time to sew each of those teeny stitches?  Who had two free hands, adequate hours, good lighting and un-bumped elbows, focus to read and follow the pattern for each of those thousand of stitches?  Who had the where-with-all to make sure each stitch went in the same direction for uniformity? Who had the patience for that?

Who was she?  Have I met her?

She is so different from the person I know myself to be today.

Today the person I know has gone from a meticulously focused detail-oriented organizational fiend to a multi-tasker moving at the speed of light, and dropping alot of balls in the process (to mix a whole bunch of metaphors!). 

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