Monday, February 27, 2012

Mark it with an X

We're checking off the days, one bedtime at a time.  And suddenly it happened that I lost track.  I thought today was halfway, but here we are with 13 down and only 10 to go!! 

Here's a few things I'm learning:
  • Clear expectations are very helpful to me.  Knowing that I need to do the whole shebang (wake up, breakfast, play time, outings, lunchtime, clean up, dinner, baths, teeth, diapers, bedtime story, stuffed animal rescues, water cup refilling, hugs and snuggles) gives me the knowledge I need to plan a strategy to get through each moment.  
  • When Daddy is away, boys need extra hugs and snuggles from me.  Probably more wrestling and tickling and riding camel too.
  • Getting my heart in the right place is more helpful that getting a "break."  I have found that on days that I got a break to go to the gym or take a walk by myself, I can come back and be even more impatient than I am on days when we are together all day.  The grace I need to parent kindly comes only from Christ, not from "getting a break."
  • Logistics. 
  • Skype and international calling cards ROCK! 
  • Pleasure: I have laughed so much at my sons in the last week-plus.  I watch them and listen and get on the floor during the usual pre-dinner-busy-time and soak it in.  Their ideas, their imagination, their games, their silliness, their conversations.  
  • Pacing.  The day goes better when I save enough strength to get through bedtime as well as we got through breakfast.  I haven't done much cleaning in the basement, but I have found a new show to watch on hulu during "naptime"!
  •  People are praying for us, and those prayers are being answered moment by moment.  All praise and glory to God!

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